arthroscopic bankart repair for recurrent shoulder dislocation

What is a Bankart Repair?

The glenoid labrum is a fibrocartilage rim surrounding the edge of the shoulder socket. This labrum can be damaged or torn in different ways. When a patient’s shoulder is dislocated, the front portion of the labrum is often torn. This is called a Bankart tear or lesion, and it is the most common form of ligament injury to the shoulder.

Patients report a feeling of pain or instances where the ball may actually slip out of the joint in certain positions or during certain movements.If untreated, this slippage may continue and become more common as the injury worsens.

The Bankart Repair involves re-anchoring and suturing the torn piece of cartilage to restore security and stability to the shoulder. This procedure is typically performed arthroscopically as a short stay procedure with patient going home the next day itself

A Bankart repair is one of the minimally invasive, tissue-sparing options we use to treat shoulder instability when an anterior labrum injury has occurred, this is one of the best ways to increase security and comfort of the shoulder.

The goal of the procedure is to re-attach and tighten the torn labrum and ligaments of the shoulder. To do so, the surgeon inserts an arthroscope into a small incision and uses sutures and small bone anchors to secure the ligaments firmly in place.

Aditya Srivats is an avid basketball player in his free time. When he dislocated his shoulder during a game he was treated by a local doctor, initially he was feeling better but later noticed that he couldn't get back to basketball because of instability, he was referred to us after 6 months

After discussing his options with us we decided to treat the injury through rehabilitation at first. But, when treating the injury with conservative measures didn’t work, Aditya opted to undergo a left shoulder Bankart repair on his anterior labrum. Three months later, he feels like his shoulder is back to normal and he’s back to playing the sport he loves.

“I was able to rehab my shoulder at first, but I dislocated it again about six months later. That’s when I decided to have the surgery,” says aditya. “My biggest benefit from the procedure was being able to get back to doing all my athletic activities 100 percent – playing basketball, cricket – being able to do everything without having to worry about my shoulder being unstable.

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